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We are certified to provide Invisalign treatment to both adults and teenagers. Invisalign allows you to transform your smile discreetly and comfortably with virtually invisible removable braces.

No matter what your age or orthodontic requirements, here at Pinnacle we offer Invisalign® treatments, which is a discreet way to straighten teeth using custom-made, almost completely transparent aligners. Our specialist teeth straightening orthodontists can help you gain a straighter smile, all you have to do is change your custom-made plastic aligners according to Invisalign recommendations.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a tooth straightening treatment that consists of a series of custom-made clear aligners made to gradually move your teeth. The aligners are replaced regularly with the next aligner in the set to move your teeth a little at a time.

How does it work?

Invisalign controls movements of the teeth as each aligner is made so that teeth move slightly further than the previous tray. Invisalign allows treatment providers to control the timings of the movements by allowing only certain teeth to move at one time.

Unlike other braces, Invisalign aligners can be removed so that you can eat, brush and floss your teeth normally.

Why choose Invisalign?

With no metal wires or brackets and with the added benefit of being able to remove your Invisalign aligner, you will be able to eat, drink and clean your teeth with ease during treatment. Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners that are changed every two weeks as your teeth move. Each aligner is individually manufactured for your teeth and gradually repositions your teeth into a smile you will be proud of.

Invisalign’s portfolio of innovative treatments fixes a large range of teeth straightening issues: from overcrowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, crossbites to overbites and underbites.

What treatments do Pinnacle offer?

We offer:
Invisalign® Full
Our foundation treatment option. Straightens teeth with a series of removable, virtually invisible aligners.
Invisalign® Lite
For less complex cases such as minor crowding and spacing issues.
Invisalign® Teen
All the features of Invisalign Full, but with additional features such as wear indicators that meet the needs of younger patients.
Invisalign® i7
An easy and convenient solution, designed specifically for minor tooth movement. Invisalign i7 works in a little as three months.
Vivera® Retainers
A series of three clear retainers used to maintain your confident new smile. Available to both Invisalign and non-Invisalign patients.
A flexible aligner material that offers improved control of tooth movements and greater comfort.
A virtual 3D treatment plan that shows the series of movements your teeth are projected to go through over the course of the treatment.