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Your comfort and dental health are a top priority here at Pinnacle. We want all of our patients to be happy with their treatment results and be fully informed on how to best care for your teeth after your treatment.

Follow these simple steps in our aftercare guide below:

We recommend avoiding foods such as chewing gum, hard sweets, raw vegetables and all other sticky foods in general. This will help you avoid braking or damaging your braces with the need for an emergency repair.

We suggest using a mouth guard when participating in sport activities to protect your teeth and brace while you make a lot of movement. At our Pinnacle Orthodontic Surgery in Redditch, we’d be happy to help with making you a professional mouth guard. Your orthodontist will be able to advise you of the current cost of these.

Dentist Visits
It’s important to keep having regular check-ups with your current dentist after your orthodontic treatment. They will determine the intervals between cleaning appointments while you are in braces.

Dental Hygiene
Throughout the duration of your time wearing braces, we advise brushing your teeth 3 times a day at a minimum. You should brush your teeth with both a regular toothbrush and an interdental toothbrush.